7012 Computer Service Flight
"First In Service - First in the Air Force"

Schierstein, FRG

This site is dedicated to the men and women who served during the time period 1972 - 1978 (to be expanded if material becomes available.) We have gotten some photos in ... don't hesitate to send me more with descriptions, etc. I am listing all the names of the folks we can remember who were with us at different times. I have marked those for whom we have addresses and emails. I'd like to recreate the IDHS Directory of 1988, with updates, etc. So if you see a name of someone you know and we don't have the information, send it to me at frank.brown915@charter.net

Names we have (Those in Red I have name, address and email; those in Blue I have at least email; those in Black I have no additional information)
John Abt John Adams (Rebecca)
HONORARY (spent more time in the bunker than some of us)
Bobby Baker Pete Bauer
Mike Bell Millard Fillmore (Phil)  Berry V Bob Berthold † (Donna V) Ed Bowling (Moira)
Frank Brown (Grace) Linda Brown Jones (Bud) Frank Castle Russ Coleman
Carl Compton V2006 (Luz) Don Dell Joel Dennis Bill Ewing
Mike Foley (Cindy) Jim Gee Ken Glenn V Dec, 2004 (Iris)
no email
David Hale
Steve Harvey (Ann) Bud Hedrick (Patricia) Al Heroux (Blanche) Rick Hurlbert (Liz V)
Ron Ingram John Jacobson Don Jenco ? Johns
Norm Kelly Dan Kreuger (Mary) Max Lemke (Carmen) Lindsay Levis
Sid Lichter (Vivien) Sam Moultrie ? Nyter Bob Oakley (Donna)
Steve Oxman (Judy) Roger Park Dina Peck John Pusey
Ron Quick (Gloria) Doug Reed (Darcy) Barry Rhein (Jan Marie) Chuck Root (Judy)
Phil Schermerhorn (Carol) Joe Stapleton David Swenby Tom Taft
Jim Taylor John Umstead (Chris) Houston Weems (Diane) Emmett Williams (Virginia V)
Dave Williamson (Katherine) Pete Yocum Ernie York Jim Zeller
  Pete Zwally (Dorothy †) Terry Longstreth - IBM SE  

Kneeling: John Umstead, Ed Bowling, ?, Carl Compton, John Pusey, Frank Castle, Jake Jacobson,
Chuck Root, Don Fitch, ?
Middle, Standing: Emil Buehner, Emmett Williams, Ken Glenn, Mike Bell, ? Nyter, Lindsay Levis, Phil Berry,
? Johns, Don Jenco, Bobby Baker, Jim Zeller
Back Row: Jim Taylor, Russ Coleman, Ron Quick, Pete Zwally, Roger Park, Ron Ingram, Al Heroux,
Steve Harvey, Bud Hedrick, Joe Stapleton


Chuck Root's Going Away Party (click on picture to enlarge)

Chuck and Judy Chuck and Ron Joe Stapleton "Ice Cream Cone" Chuck's "Jock"