June 26, 2010 - The Haines Family grows by 1
Welcome to Lance Daniel Haines
Most Current Pictures from the top
Lance is serious in his blue & yellow rugby shirt Lance at his first Scottish Festival - Williamsburg
Lance loves the Saints! Yawning Lance
The Haines MEN Shelby, Charlie & Lance in Wmsburg
Lance in his Crabby Outfit   Lance ready to ride!  
Laid back and looking smooth     Lance loves the PIRATES Too!! 
Lance loves his jungle sounds and lights     Learning to love the Redskins 
Lanceman is zonked!  "Men" of the Family"  
Generation 1 and Generation 4  Charlie, Don and Lance 
Sleepy Head What an angle!!
Peek-a-boo Charlie figures it out
Giving Mom a break Shelby and Lance on Day 9
Grandma Grace enjoying her Grandson (brings back memories)
Grandpa Frank with Lance, and he didn't even cry!!
Efforts to get a picture with both eyes opened (at the same time) were for naught
The Announcement Card