Grace and I dedicate this page to the most wonderful children
one could have ... we love you, Charlie and Shelby



April 23, 2005

Smithfield Center



Pictures from The Wedding - April 23, 2005
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Charlie with his Mom and Frank

"The Guys"

"The Gals" Charlie and

Here comes the Bride

With this ring ...

You may kiss
the bride

First Dance

Charlie dancing with his Mom

This cake is certainly delicious...

"Break Dancers" steal the show

Charlie's Family - Renee, Caitlin, Elizabeth & Lisa


Your Carriage awaits you, m'lady
(brought back memories of Halloween)

This one caught them
by surprise
 - what a way to go!

"This is Awesome!!"


Shelby and Charlie as they leave for Smithfield Station
and their
Wonderful Life Together


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